Sunday, 19 February 2012

London Fashion Week

Yesterday, me, Dodo and Siqi decided to go fap over drool worthy fashion at Somerset house for London Fashion Week.

 It was really surprising how many people took pictures of us, there were quite a few creepy photographers who pop out of no where and snap away, i'm dreading the day i see those pics, i know for a fact i pulled the most herpty derpty faces!

In the midst of our fashion orgy's we got noticed by someone.....not JUST someone.....Carri Mundane of CASSETE PLAYA noticed us!!! Shethen later asked to take a picture of us and tweeted it GIGGIDY GIGGIDY GOOOOO *o*

"Met these mini powerbabes outside the BFC showspace ♥ "
As soon as she hovered away to do important fashion stuff, these 2 fitties approached us and invited us to join them inside the Cheap Monday party van!!! This was their way of somehow promoting the new shop which recently opened up in Carnaby street on Friday. It was proper groovy inside, quite similar to the mystery van in scooby doo!

The Cheap Monday party van

We then decided to run away as soon as everyone hopped off for a faggy fag fag. Of course, instinctively we ran to Seoul Bakery to eat some yummy korean food!

Roppoki- spiky ramyun, rice cakes, boiled egg & fish cakes
Gimbap - basically, koreans version of sushi
Seafood pancake

Finaly, i'll guide you through a little outfit rundown of the 'POWERBABES' ;D
Hoodie - KTZ
Bra - Primarni (you dun kno)
Skirt - Rose Melody
Trainers - Jeremy Scott for Adidas

Heels - Unif, hellbounds

Tryna look all cool for duh cameraaa
Jacket - Mjm, Makin jan ma
Jumper - Adidas originals
Skirt - H&M
Knee highs - Ebay
Trainers - Supra

✭~ Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it ~✭


  1. How cute is your blog, Randa? :3 I am going to add you to my blogroll and enjoy your posts.

  2. Aww thank you~ Yaaay i hope you enjoy it ^^

  3. oooh spotted some nice outfits here! I want to dye my hair so badly, but I can't for work boooo :( xoxo