Thursday 31 January 2013

Next generation || Minju Kim

One of my main girls, Emmie tweeted about this designer who won the H&M Designer Award 2013, i open the link and ASDFGHJKL PERFECTION!!!

The amazingly talented Minju Ki, is a 26 year old, South Korean designer. She studied her Masters Fashion degree at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. 
In the creative industry where the majority of designers tend to stick with minimal risks when presenting their last collections, it's nice to see free riders.
Tbh, i can't blame them. Their garments has got to bring them some P, to keep the shark investors and everyone else off their back. That's why seeing  someone as amazing and fun as Minju Kim is a fresh sigh of relief (i was hyperventilating when i saw her collection  i was so bloody excited!)

Her BA collection 'DEAR MY FRIEND' was a colourful and fuzzy monster-like collection. With mecha masks that would make you blend in with the transformers and shoes that just look bloody adorable!

Nonetheless, looking sharper at each and every garment you're able to appreciate every single detail and her exceptional level of craftsmanship of each handmade garment, including the many textural elements included in each piece.  However, cray cray you may think this collection seems, the exaggerated shapes of the skirts and jacket sleeves were done in a surprisingly wearable way.

Beating out seven other talented emerging designers, she won the ultimate H&M Designer Award. As the winner she receives 50,000 euros, the chance to present her collection with her own show at Stockholm's Fashion Week and the opportunity to for her mini-capsule collection to be sold in  H&M stores all over Europe for Autumn/Winter 2013.

Directly inspired by the famous Japanese horror manga artist Junji Ito. If you think you're such a bigman take a peek at his manga The Enigma of Amigara Fault.

The concept emerged when Minju began observing her friends and others around her, determining who (and what) they really are. She perceives them as her own imagined monsters.

"The idea of 'DEAR MY FRIEND' started from the observation of the people around me, disguised as 'a friend'. It's during my school life here in Antwerp i've met people that let me experience a lot of different emotions like sadness, happiness, and some others i can't describe. When we finish high school, the first thing that we try ais evolving in a mature way. But everybody loves in different ways."

Ultimately, this was love at first sight with both the collection and the designer. It's uncanny how much we have in common. I hope more creative designers similar to her, fun, risky and bloody awesome come out into the spotlight soonage!

Bow down to Minu Kim!

Photographs courtesy of H&M  and QUENTIN DE WISPELAERE

Tuesday 25 December 2012

Dazed & Confused x Nicola Formichetti x boombox launch party!

What a glorious December issue of Dazed & Confused. 'Fantasia', featuring a compilation of Asia's rising creative talents from all over the spectrum thanks to lovely Nicola Formichetti.

If you don't know who Nichola Formichetti is, he's the cutie Eurasian fashion warrior! Formichetti is creative director for French fashion house MUGLER, fashion director of Vogue Hommes Japan, fashion director for clothing company Uniqlo, frequent contributing editor of V Magazine (among others), as well as frequent collaborator of pop sensation Lady GaGa. Top that!

"This generation has no fear, just pure excitement. Everything is new and progressive – I want to celebrate that.”
100% agree. The advancement of technology has made an incredible impact on the young people of today. Gaining confidence, support and inspiration! Nicola uses this opportunity to highlight some of the rising talents in Asia today, from China to Japan (Soon to be London with Muni.Muni *watch out*) As my lovely gyal Emmie stated, any one else who's interested in Asia's amazingness would probably hyperventilate after seeing your everyday internet idols. Eva, La-D-Da, Brooke Candy, Mademoiselle Yulia, Yoon etc.

Get your hands on this copy, you won't be disappointing!


Me and the crew were lucky enough to be invited by Carri Munden of Cassette Playa to come to the launch party!!! Thanks so much <3

Allow me to help you visualize our adventure, literally.

We walk down dark road following Dodo's memory of google maps. We see man in neon jacket. Man leads us to another man outside bright lit entrance. Man asks for I.D, then he goes "nah" *checks bag*, we all go in.
Next, we approach guest list people. ejekjdhbj The lady at the desk remembered me and Dodo from Carri's workshop from the beginning of 2012 and let's us all in (what a sweetie)
We walk up stairs to an open balcony filled with fitties smoking, turn to the right you see an animation of the many Nicopanda x Dazed logos.
Walk into the humongous warehouse and glare at the awesomeness.
Enough with the literal visualizations, i shall now let the picture do the talking.
How cute was the entry stamp~

Yaoi hands got out of control half way through the night.

 With Nicola <3

They even played some kpop which instinctively triggered us to dance like crazy, and how cute was it when the whole venue danced together to Gangnam style, aw.

 Dazed's picture of us on their instagram here

The party was visually awesome, both the venue and the people. I really hope we get the opportunity to go to many more in the future! It was awesome seeing/meeting old and new faces in the fashion scene. Like, everyone from the East London fashion scene was there, awesome people man, awesomenes.

See you guys in 2013. Big things will be happening then, so keep your eyes peeled~

Love you (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Friday 21 December 2012

Next Generation || Jessica Au

Not many graduate designers can say they've recieved national recognition and to have been shortlisted for the River Island fashion awards Fashion week, well JESSICA AU CAN!!!
Middlesex graduateJessica Au is an East London based designer working in collaboration with VVVintage to create their brand JAU LABEL.
She has worked under labels such as Hussein Chalayan, Puma, Michelle Lowe Holder and Nigel Cabourne.

In 2010 she broke into the East London fashion scene with her SS11 menswear.
They've recently collaborated with VVVintage to launh her SS13 collection which has already sold out at Somerset House London Fashion week this September 2013.

"Jessica Au restructures menswear, showcasing her skill and precision through cut out fabrications and layers of texture producing an unusual take on urban sportswear. Overlaying harsh mesh on delicate sheer printed fabrics a combination not usually associated with menswear. Jessica has multiple decorative textural elements within her designs, something often neglected when it comes to menswear, due to the prominent concentration and demand for cut and structure."

I'm exited to see the future of what Jessica has to offer in the future. She's definitely one to watch!



νέον // SPRING SUMMER 2013 // νέον

Neon (Greek νέον (neon) meaning "new one"). Au's recent infatuation with Die Antwoord's "Zef Style" and the wave of neo-trash movement set her mind to work on her first womenswear and menswear collection that would focus on merging Japanese street style with stripper influences such as Brooke Candy.

Combining her obsession with illustration and her curiosity surrounding intricate artistic concepts allows Jessica Au to design with fabrics and aesthetics that have never been seen or used before.
She has redefined what it means to be ' One To Watch', as she begins to restructure the path of a traditional fashion designer's career during fashion's most sought after month.

This year alone Au's collection has been housed in Japan's TEKNOPOLICE alongside massive underground labels such as Kokontozai, the iconic Philip Treacy, and many of today's most sought after designers. Her London based stockists include: 123 Bethnal green road alongside Dr.Noki and William R Green and Shop 172 on Brick Lane.

Press  Enquiries:

Jessica Au. Jessica Au. Jessica Au. Jessica Au. Jessica Au.
Remember that name

I was able to ask the lovely Jessica some questions, so enjoy~
  •  What type of people do you see rocking Jessica Au garments?
The JAU Label supporter is someone who has an appreciation for innovative, unusual and fun design.  My customers buy JAU because they need something that is a signature piece which they usually mix with other neutral pieces from other designers, or vintage/high street.  There is a real sense for something fresh and different, and the people who wear JAU like to stand out in their attire, with confidence and comfortability on their side.

  • What are your plans for 2013 and beyond?
My plans for 2013 is to focus more on accessories, which I'm so EXCITED about!   I'm also researching into merging chainmail with perspex at the moment for the next collection, so I'm very curious to see where this will take me.  I'm also going to work on some prints so perhaps that will make it into the next collection also.  We also have a few ideas in the pipeline on how to present the next collection.  We're thinking it will be a "guerilla affair".  We're garnering a lot of interest from buyers so the list of stockists is going up, we're also going to open our ASOS JAU LABEL Boutique in the new year, which will sell a lot of one off or limited edition pieces.  Keep your eyes peeled!

  • Any advice you would like to give to other fresh designers, whether it be advice on creating a collection or advice on how to expand their collection?
Being a new and young designer is a tough responsibility.  There is a lot to learn and take on.  Trying to balance your creativity with it being a viable product that is desirable for the consumerable market is also a difficult one if your ideas are very whacky or avant garde.  It is finding that fine line between innovation and desirability of an idea that is the most difficult.  Also I think a lot of fresh graduates from university have an unrealistic time frame of how fast it will take to get where they want.  Nothing comes without plenty of hard work.

  • I see you've merged Japanese street style influences with your new collection. Any specific style icons or sub-styles that have caught your eye?
I've always been a big fan of the Japanese Street scene, there really is no shame to what they choose to wear.  Such freedom and care free attitude around their fashion could only be decades away from us British people.  I particularly like at the minute, Die Antwoord and Brooke Candy.  Their sense of style is so "freaky" that only a pop star could get away with wearing such things other than in Japan.  For me they are trend setters, with bolshie minds.

 SS13 "Schizolog" Fashion Film.  
This piece was created as a tribute to the memory of Satoshi Kon.

After finding a magic box, Pia is thrown through a series of visual worlds, each fitting with a different outfit. Pia strives through encounters with monsters and clones, will she ever find her way home?
The result of a collaboration between Rob Heppell and designer Jessica Au, inspired by Paprika, Ray Harryhausen and NES Games. The film shows JAU Labels upcycled collection for VVVintage which will be featured at London Fashion Week SS13.

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Friday 5 October 2012

FAD: Stitching the town Red,White & Blue~


Once again, i was given the opportunity to transform into a fashion journalist for FADs 2012 junior awards.
 The theme was 'Great British Design', everyone gathered their inspiration from the V&A, designers and everything that could possibly be British.
Out of over 100 ambitious designers from London and Manchester,  25 finalists were handpicked to showcase their garments on one the closing catwalk shows to London Fashion Week at the Freemason's hall.
The last day of London Fashion Week, and what an honor for these ambitious designers to close it with their hard work

~I stumbled upon a few V.I.P's sitting in the front row~

The lovely boys of Idol Magazine

Guest singer NY
Stylist/Photographer Justin

Red, white and blue were the key colours used, representing the Union Jack flag. 
Hints of tartan, leather and baroque prints representing British culture in all aspects, from Punk to the Victorian era. 
Robyn Yaeng
Hannah Dang
Toyosii Devaghn

 And the winners are.....

Serife Niyazi
The black & white leather cropped shirt paired with a pair of beautifully composed high waisted geometrical patterned trousers won the judges over with it's professional and contemporary style.

Award for Commercial Design, Denea Joseph (17)
Award for Creative Pattern Cutting, Toyosi Salvador (17)

 A few special mentions were announced alongside the 3 main winners.
Robyn Yeang, 19, was praised for her amazing fashion illustrations, while Ezoe Robinson, 18, was congratulated for her astounding sketchbook work.

Robyn Yeang's illustration
Off to the after party we went. 
Mingling over a few cups of pimm's, congratulating finalists over a few naughty treats. 
Thank you FAD, keep doing what you do!

 Congratulations to everyone who won and to everyone who got as far as their garments walking down a catwalk. I hope everyone has come out learning at least one new thing and carries it with them into the future~

The amazing Sinatra brothers assembled their clips to  compose a summary of the finale with the aid of FADs guest singer NY.

A special thank you to all these amazing people:
~In order of the show~
Hannah Dang, Kai Boardman, Stephanie Perucho, Toyosi Salvador, Robyn Yeang,
Hannah Durman, Eva Blessing Onyuelo, Annabel McLeod, Maria Herrera, Denea Joseph,
Shermmaine Telan, Angelica Tatham, Anita Arthur, Alex Lindsay, Natalya Pankevych,
Ezoe Robinson, Whitney Abayomi, Toni-Louise Parker, Emma Lewin, Gabriella Adach,
Rachel Gore, Megan Templeton-Roberts, Serife Niyazi, Farah Firooz Azerbayjani, Sharon Mwangi

Monday 6 August 2012

Factory || Primitive x Erik Hart

 Returning back to Primitive for another exhibition hosted by Erik Hart. 
He designed the interior of the exhibition himself creating metal structures inspired by architechture with Mylar thermal blankets.
 I loved how he used the whole space, placing his garments on different levels, allowing you to take your time actually analysing the beauty of the garments from different angles.

You can check out the whole collection here
From the FB page

Dodo & I hugging & Joel doing his thaaang
We were told that we were allowed to play about in/with the blankets only to find out later that there were surveillance cameras which were hooked up in the exhibition & linked to a projector inside the store.

Thanks to the boy who broke the mic we then called it a night. (He was lovely though~)

The cool Japanese crew, one of them was a tall man with extremely long healthy hair who i kept meeting eyes with. Just as i was telling my friends how cool he looked he came to the station to catch the last train and we ended up talking. Turns out he's the designer of a London based menswear label called BREAKS.

The Man is Andrew Grune, Who duh man, he duh man!

We were singing 'Can't nobody - 2NE1' So the edit is relevant
~MC Randa~
"Guess who's back with a brand new rap?!?" "RANDA PANDA, RANDA PANDA!" That was the call and response i used to do with my maths class almost every day as soon as i entered for a whole year, i miss those days.
Is that Randa thoo~
As the event went on into the night everyone had a bit more to drink and the karaoke was summoned. Songs were sung from Disney's mulan, to Nicki minaj to Kate Bush (which Lui does the best cover of!)~
Everyone there were really friendly and lovely. I wish i got to speak to them all.
I look forward to attending future exhibitions~