Friday, 5 October 2012

FAD: Stitching the town Red,White & Blue~


Once again, i was given the opportunity to transform into a fashion journalist for FADs 2012 junior awards.
 The theme was 'Great British Design', everyone gathered their inspiration from the V&A, designers and everything that could possibly be British.
Out of over 100 ambitious designers from London and Manchester,  25 finalists were handpicked to showcase their garments on one the closing catwalk shows to London Fashion Week at the Freemason's hall.
The last day of London Fashion Week, and what an honor for these ambitious designers to close it with their hard work

~I stumbled upon a few V.I.P's sitting in the front row~

The lovely boys of Idol Magazine

Guest singer NY
Stylist/Photographer Justin

Red, white and blue were the key colours used, representing the Union Jack flag. 
Hints of tartan, leather and baroque prints representing British culture in all aspects, from Punk to the Victorian era. 
Robyn Yaeng
Hannah Dang
Toyosii Devaghn

 And the winners are.....

Serife Niyazi
The black & white leather cropped shirt paired with a pair of beautifully composed high waisted geometrical patterned trousers won the judges over with it's professional and contemporary style.

Award for Commercial Design, Denea Joseph (17)
Award for Creative Pattern Cutting, Toyosi Salvador (17)

 A few special mentions were announced alongside the 3 main winners.
Robyn Yeang, 19, was praised for her amazing fashion illustrations, while Ezoe Robinson, 18, was congratulated for her astounding sketchbook work.

Robyn Yeang's illustration
Off to the after party we went. 
Mingling over a few cups of pimm's, congratulating finalists over a few naughty treats. 
Thank you FAD, keep doing what you do!

 Congratulations to everyone who won and to everyone who got as far as their garments walking down a catwalk. I hope everyone has come out learning at least one new thing and carries it with them into the future~

The amazing Sinatra brothers assembled their clips to  compose a summary of the finale with the aid of FADs guest singer NY.

A special thank you to all these amazing people:
~In order of the show~
Hannah Dang, Kai Boardman, Stephanie Perucho, Toyosi Salvador, Robyn Yeang,
Hannah Durman, Eva Blessing Onyuelo, Annabel McLeod, Maria Herrera, Denea Joseph,
Shermmaine Telan, Angelica Tatham, Anita Arthur, Alex Lindsay, Natalya Pankevych,
Ezoe Robinson, Whitney Abayomi, Toni-Louise Parker, Emma Lewin, Gabriella Adach,
Rachel Gore, Megan Templeton-Roberts, Serife Niyazi, Farah Firooz Azerbayjani, Sharon Mwangi


  1. This is amazing Randz, it looked like you had a fantastic time!! The winner's pieces look beautiful!

  2. Amazing looks and it's even more amazing to see that they're all so young too! The boys from Idol magazine are quite handsome too. ^^

  3. hi! im fran a spanish male fashion blogger. maybe you like my style and want to follow me...


  4. That's so good for you to attend Fashion Week as a fashion journalist, I'm glad you had fun there! Hannah Dang's outfit was beautiful. REALLY.