Monday, 6 August 2012

Factory || Primitive x Erik Hart

 Returning back to Primitive for another exhibition hosted by Erik Hart. 
He designed the interior of the exhibition himself creating metal structures inspired by architechture with Mylar thermal blankets.
 I loved how he used the whole space, placing his garments on different levels, allowing you to take your time actually analysing the beauty of the garments from different angles.

You can check out the whole collection here
From the FB page

Dodo & I hugging & Joel doing his thaaang
We were told that we were allowed to play about in/with the blankets only to find out later that there were surveillance cameras which were hooked up in the exhibition & linked to a projector inside the store.

Thanks to the boy who broke the mic we then called it a night. (He was lovely though~)

The cool Japanese crew, one of them was a tall man with extremely long healthy hair who i kept meeting eyes with. Just as i was telling my friends how cool he looked he came to the station to catch the last train and we ended up talking. Turns out he's the designer of a London based menswear label called BREAKS.

The Man is Andrew Grune, Who duh man, he duh man!

We were singing 'Can't nobody - 2NE1' So the edit is relevant
~MC Randa~
"Guess who's back with a brand new rap?!?" "RANDA PANDA, RANDA PANDA!" That was the call and response i used to do with my maths class almost every day as soon as i entered for a whole year, i miss those days.
Is that Randa thoo~
As the event went on into the night everyone had a bit more to drink and the karaoke was summoned. Songs were sung from Disney's mulan, to Nicki minaj to Kate Bush (which Lui does the best cover of!)~
Everyone there were really friendly and lovely. I wish i got to speak to them all.
I look forward to attending future exhibitions~


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