Thursday, 19 July 2012

Underground launch & Ethical Fashion exhibition

On the 21st of June Dodo, Marie, Siqi and I attended the official flagship store opening of Underground shoes
They've recently opened up their doors to London, selling all the mainline Underground shoes, as well as collaborations and styles which aren't available anywhere else in the world.

This follows on from a hugely successful 12 months, with collaborations with Mugler, b store, Ashish and Sibling in recent seasons as well as being stocked internationally in over 40 countries including Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and the US.

If you're about in central check it out, it's right behind Soho, 8 Berwick street.

They stock Cassette Playa 

That man kept staring at us, it had to be done.

Ethical Fashion Exhibition

Kota invited us the day before to visit his friend's opening of the Secori gallery which is a normal gallery that only began last year.
Creating a platform for designers to showcase their work, while building a connection between the audience sharing interests and knowledge. 

The model looks like a final fantasy character in real life. Stunning~

The curator Shinya is so bloody funny!
When you get the chance to check out Secori gallery make sure to have a chat with him, you won't be dissapointed.

Manko = beef flaps~

Got a bit carried away with the editing nearer to the end, but i hope you enjoyed it 8D


  1. omfg you are the queen of photoshop. I LOVE THE EBICHU ONE OMG i wish i went ;_;

  2. PMSL, best. pictures. EVERRRR
    Wish Emz, Joel and I were able to come to the Eco fashion exhibition ;A;, cryyyy!
    I miss you all <3

  3. Omfgggg the last few pictures are amazing dfhuisnk ,3

  4. UHMAZING!!! So sad i missed out on all this! :( x

  5. Omgggggg amazing!!so jelly ;A;

    TROLOLOLOL at beef flaps!!

  6. your friends seem so cool, you are so cool as well :) I love your blog