Thursday, 31 January 2013

Next generation || Minju Kim

One of my main girls, Emmie tweeted about this designer who won the H&M Designer Award 2013, i open the link and ASDFGHJKL PERFECTION!!!

The amazingly talented Minju Ki, is a 26 year old, South Korean designer. She studied her Masters Fashion degree at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. 
In the creative industry where the majority of designers tend to stick with minimal risks when presenting their last collections, it's nice to see free riders.
Tbh, i can't blame them. Their garments has got to bring them some P, to keep the shark investors and everyone else off their back. That's why seeing  someone as amazing and fun as Minju Kim is a fresh sigh of relief (i was hyperventilating when i saw her collection  i was so bloody excited!)

Her BA collection 'DEAR MY FRIEND' was a colourful and fuzzy monster-like collection. With mecha masks that would make you blend in with the transformers and shoes that just look bloody adorable!

Nonetheless, looking sharper at each and every garment you're able to appreciate every single detail and her exceptional level of craftsmanship of each handmade garment, including the many textural elements included in each piece.  However, cray cray you may think this collection seems, the exaggerated shapes of the skirts and jacket sleeves were done in a surprisingly wearable way.

Beating out seven other talented emerging designers, she won the ultimate H&M Designer Award. As the winner she receives 50,000 euros, the chance to present her collection with her own show at Stockholm's Fashion Week and the opportunity to for her mini-capsule collection to be sold in  H&M stores all over Europe for Autumn/Winter 2013.

Directly inspired by the famous Japanese horror manga artist Junji Ito. If you think you're such a bigman take a peek at his manga The Enigma of Amigara Fault.

The concept emerged when Minju began observing her friends and others around her, determining who (and what) they really are. She perceives them as her own imagined monsters.

"The idea of 'DEAR MY FRIEND' started from the observation of the people around me, disguised as 'a friend'. It's during my school life here in Antwerp i've met people that let me experience a lot of different emotions like sadness, happiness, and some others i can't describe. When we finish high school, the first thing that we try ais evolving in a mature way. But everybody loves in different ways."

Ultimately, this was love at first sight with both the collection and the designer. It's uncanny how much we have in common. I hope more creative designers similar to her, fun, risky and bloody awesome come out into the spotlight soonage!

Bow down to Minu Kim!

Photographs courtesy of H&M  and QUENTIN DE WISPELAERE


  1. I saw you & your friends at the BIGBANG concert! felt so weird coming from sweden to london & seeing BIGBANG & like internet famous/cool people like you! ^-^ did you have fun at the concert???

  2. I loved this collection! Her work is absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see more from her, I wish she'd do menswear as well, but in the meantime, some of those sweaters are cool even for more avant-garde guys I think!

  3. Wow yes, I also saw Emmie post this and thought this collection was so well done. I think I love it more now that you shared a bit about how she was inspired by her friends and the idea of the imagined monster inside of everyone you know. I love the shapes she's created plus the fur mmmm so lovely

  4. i would have to agree with maria - minju kim's work is so fresh and the concept from which this collection derives is brilliant. it has such a bold, theatrical feel to it and the juxtaposition of colors, prints, textures and silhouettes is explicit and implicit at the same time. the royal academy of fine arts just churns out awesomeness, don't they?? thanks for sharing!