Wednesday, 22 February 2012


 KOKONTOZAI - ‘From here to then’
(Picture heavy)
These designers fell from heaven,seriously. Their designs are so God-like, perfection i tell you!!! 
If you don't know about KTZ then shame on you let me fill you in~
KTZ is a collaboration between Koji Maruyama, Sasko Bezovski and Marjan Pejoski. Koji is Japanese. Sasko and Majan are both from Macedonia. Marjan and Koji studied fashion design at Central Saint Martins while Sasa was studying architecture. They are the business minds that stand behind the retail network of cult stores ‘Kokon to Zai’, combinging music and fashion, based in London and Paris. The ‘Three Musketeers’ perfected the art of unisex designs
"Dark mysticism meets colourful sensuality in KTZ's new collection, inspired by gowns of Russian monks and 80s New Romantics, sparkling astrological symbols transform into playful polka dots printed on unisex silhouettes.
 The collection is all about mystery and adventure brought to life with big columes, flowing lines and playful prints."

Now make sure you have a tissue or a bucket near you 'cause i know for a fact you're 'gonna drool!
Pictures from the catwalk at London fashion week
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KTZ is not only a brand i love but is a brand that gives me inspiration and motivation to make clothes that stands out, that allows people to wonder "what cool ass brand is that?" 

KTZ will never cease to dissapoint me!!!
✭~ Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it ~

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