Sunday, 27 May 2012

"I LUV YOU" MEAT debut fashion show

On the 9th of may i went to the MEAT debut fashion show.  The creator of MEAT clothing is the amazing Boadicea Claridge (even her name's amazing). She teamed up with other amazing people such as Alis Pelleschi and Alexis Knox. She's a designer who works with latex/rubber to create her pieces. Love it!!! 
 On their facebook page she describes MEAT as:

"Exploding Barbie candy floss and 3D dolphins, mixing the darkness of the Matrix and Kawaii sweetness we have I LUV YOU, the hyper beauty pageant."

Explained perfectly in one sentence.

We were welcomed into the venue with free malibu shots and a small cute inflatable pool (wish i could've played in it). The runway was covered in colourful confettis, the walls had sparkly tinsles flowing down and a massive disco ball in the centre. Classy! 
The light up heart is my favourite. Reminds me of the powerpuff girls!

I went with a couple of my friends. Dodo, Sam, Siqi and the fabulous Andre.

 After the show we got the chance to mingle with everyone. I don't remember how many times i told Dodo how amazing everyone looked. I'd love to meet most of them in the near future~ 
We met Sam's friend Chani who modelled during the show. She was so lively, i loved talking to her.
Check out her page wearing some MEAT clothing - ZIZI LANE

So cute
Palm tree eyebrows!!

We met this lovely lady named Nancy Roxxx. She looked lovely with her unicorn weave and not to mention her figuire was amazing!
Goodbye amazing clothes and pretty people!

See the whole collection captured by the hottest female photographer Alis

Jacket - ZARA
T shirt - Adidas
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Buffalos

I love this brand. I've loved it before i laid eyes on the debut collection, specifically when i saw Alis sporting the nike crop top and Alexis with her 'POP' yellow bodycon dress. 
I want me some MEAT clothing!

Check it out

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