Monday, 28 May 2012

"The Brittanese" Fashion journalism filiming

  So last weekend Ananya, Dodo, Marie, Emmie and I were asked to help a couple of Fashion Journalism students to help them with their projects. They were making a documentary on how we like to mix our style with East Asian cultures, specifically Japanese.

On Saturday, we all had our individual shots filmed in LCF in Sheperds Bush. There was a cute handmade photobooth where we had our shots taken. I think i spent most of my time around the food table scoffing down the grapes and chocolate croissants to be honest. This was my first time getting filmed in a studio, i can happily say i loved it. The people filming were lovely and Vilde knew exactly what she wanted.

Took a pic together (with straight faces!) after getting told off by one of the teachers since i was singing 'Think of Me' from the Phantom of the Opera really loud. She didn't know it was me though ohohoho

We then all hopped off to Westfields which was only 2 minutes away~
As the broke students we all are we just glared through the windows of shops.

We then drifted to the outside of Westfields at the back and came across this massive wall which had nature growing out of it! It was so pretty so i forced everyone to take pics with it!

We missed you Emmie boo boo child
KTZ Money print twins~

Day 2

During the secod part of filming we had to walk down China town. It's weird that as soon as you have a big camera in your face people think you're some sort of celebrity. So many of the hairdressers in that salon kept taking pictures and earlier we had a group of cute girls visiting London asked us "Please can we make picture, your style cool!" So cute!! 
The lovely girls who filmed us on Sunday. Vilde, Tonje and Qin. 

As we were walking through the back roads of Soho we bumped into a group of fashionably good looking guys who were eager to get a picture of/with us. This was near the end of our filming. Only later did we realise that they were the one and only Matthew Williams and Heron Preston. I regret not socialising more with them now ;A; 
They were so lovely. All i remember is Heron grabbing me by the waist saying "oh so you're the dominant one" in his cute American accent. N'awww, i wanna party with them!
Look at Matthew with his pro-photographer position.
Matthew posted the pic via Instagram
Halal Dreams and Heron Preston

Outfit Rundown

Jacket - KTZ money print
Dress - h&m
Shoes - Buffalo

Jacket - Topshop
Neckalce - Cross bone choker by OS accessories
Shorts - Topshop
Top - Topshop
Shows - Platform converse from ebay

Necklace - TutuhaHa
Dungaree - Ebay
Shoes - Doc Martens

Jumper - KTZ money print
Cross Necklace - TutuhaHa
Ring - Monomania
Skirt - Evil twin
Shoes - Triple sole creepers by Undergound