Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fashion journalist for a day at GFW

Sorry this post is so late! I've been so busy going on fashion adventures with the gang, I'll post about them later on~

So 2 weeks ago i entered a competition with F.A.D x George to submit some sort of fashion journalist post on a topic they listed. To my surprise I won, to be honest i never win anything ,so i was pretty proud!

Being 'on the job', i quickly realised fashion journalism isn't as glamorous as it seems. It's extremely tiring as you're on your feet all day, so I advise you, wear some comfortable shoes!
 For example, as soon as i'd finish collecting sound bites from a show, i would return straight to the press room to quickly type it up. Before you know it, it's time for the next event/show. Ultimately, it's absolutely worth it. You meet amazing people, learn so many new things and you get unlimited tea and sandwiches served with smiles!


This man is indulged in his game of C.O.D during rehearsals haha

My main brief for the day was to collect sound bites and quotes. Short snappy sentences of comments being said at the 'Audience with...' events on the George stand, as well as scribbling down notes reporting on the graduate's fashion shows.

Colin McDowell (centre) talks to designers Jean-Pierre Braganza and Marcus Wilmont

For any of you who doesn't know what Graduate fashion week is, allow me to inform you. GFW was launched in 1991 and it showcases the very best BA graduate fashion design talent in the UK.

After whitnessing the collections i can proudly say i've had a glimpse of the advanced future of British style.
The pictures i've posted are pieces from the collections that were the most appealing to me.

University of East London

Splice Me
 Designer : Joanna Pybus
The collection id developed and created through using elements of furniture, art and fashion associated with post modernism, combined with an awkward feeling of humour, absurdity and the bizarre.

copyright © 2012 Christopher Moore Limited

These shoes are so cute!

Designed by Aimee Ward
Inspired by an underwater paradise of tropical fish and sea anemones. Each piece has a couture feel with high attention to detail, taking carefully cut and structured garments and covering areas with hand-cut embellishments from layers of anemone inspired shapes made from silk chiffon to three-dimensional iridescent fish scales. 

Liberte ou la Morte
Designed by Terri-Leigh Finnegan
The Haitian revolution was an uprising of African and Creole slaves against the French plantation owners.
With use of natural materials such as raffia, cotton and wool, the Haitian people created characters based on a fusion of voodoo, ancestral memory, political satire and pesonal revelation.

copyright © 2012 Christopher Moore Limited

 The front display

Designed by Marissa Owen

 DeMontfort university

I loved the accessories and footwear the students at this university created. Leather, studs, colourful acrylic, me gusta!

 Designed by Lauren Moore

Designed by Sam Mason

Designed by Janina Alleyne

 Designed by Kimberly North

 I bumped into one of London's amazing style icon/blogger Yu Masui.
His Jeremy Scott jacket and shorts immediately caught my eyes. Love him <3

 Bath university

My favourite outfit on show was this dress made by Rebecca Butterworth.
The baby human centipede in the background was taken from her portfolio. Heavily influenced by the haunting and revealing work and life of Frida Kahlo, the collection sees a rethinking of traditional mexican craft with constranding acid lace, plastic papel picado, heavy embroidery and bright skeletal prints.

I met a lovely exchange student from Japan, Hidaka Yuta.
I spotted his Vivienne Westwood shirt and necklace popping out of the crowd and i do love me a cutie in a man skirt!
 I hope to meet him once again in Tokyo~


 Northumbria University

I loved how many of the graduates designed clothes for men.
What made this show even better were the free Gilly Hicks underwear <3


 The Heavenly Kingdom
Designed by Amelia Smith

This collections has been inspired by the magnificent architecture of Red Square in Moscow, Russia. From museums to cathedrals. Using entirely hand drawn prints she aims to take the audience on a journey through Red Square with each outfit;s  prints representing a different building within the square. 
Using the colour palette of Black, white and Gold to convey the majesty and power of these buildings and using the silhouette's of the round shoulders and bell-shaped skirts that hint to Russian Dolls.

copyright © 2012 Christopher Moore Limited

Majestic Unisex
Designed by Ying Xu

 Inspired by the ancient royal department in both the East and West. This colection has grasped a subtle interpretation of a personal image of the royal family, King Henry VIII and Chinese dragon.

copyright © 2012 Christopher Moore Limited

No Love Lost
Designed by Gary Wilson
His collection is based on the theme of identity. It tells the story of a strong confident woman who, as the breakdown of her relationship ensues so does the breakdown of herself. Each look centres on mirroring the emotions of the women at that particular stage of her life.

copyright © 2012 Christopher Moore Limited

 If you want to see all the collections from the Graduate shows click here~

I strongly recommend anyone who has the slightest interest in fashion to check out GFW next year. You get a taste of different styles, you're exposed to the great outcomes of many students and their process of getting there (which you don't get to see very often), you meet amazing people and you get the first glimpse of designers that'll become big in the future!

Such a long post. Sorry guys, it was a long day okay, i hope you enjoyed it nonetheless~


  1. Oh wow that sounds so difficult, I don't think I'd be able to do that OTL . I'm glad you had fun though! :3 You're so lucky that you get to see the shows and what not :D

    I love everything so much, all those accessories from de montfort uni are amazing O_O!
    Well done for being duh amazing journalist that you are <3

  3. SO cool randz! it looked like you had a good time, and the collections you've posted about look amazing :)

  4. woah, you seriously documented some awesome stuff, some of these collections look nothing short of amazing. What you've been doing does sound like a rather intense experience but it also sounds like it's worth it. Excellent outfit there too!