Wednesday, 4 July 2012

London collections Mens

I don't know why i've left this post hovering in the drafts for such a long time. I have been pretty busy lately, i'm currently gaining some work experience as a trend forecaster (fashion psychic) and next week I'll be hopping into an architects office to have a taste of that sectre too~

So the time has finally come for the world to recognise menswear designers as this year was the debut of London collection Mens. I'm so happy about this, i'm a very big fan of  menswear/unisex. Thanks to this showcase i've been exposed to even more drool worthy collections <3
~Right up in your face and ting~

We got invites/tickets to go see Alex Mattson and Cassette Playa when actually we didn't even need one, you could just freely walk in and out, all that hassle about the timing for nothing. (on the cards the time overlapped and we were all worried, all the show's ended up being really short)

The video's intense, showing the scarification rituals in Papua New Guinea, kayapo body art in Amazonia and UK teen rites. The Amazonian and British culture so different in a number of similar ways. Very adreneline rushing, love it!

Some of the images used are a bit graphic, but man up and just watch it!
The song used is so good too! 

i-D wrote an interesting piece on it, and our picture was posted alongside it. Ohohohooo~
 Forever a happy powerbabe!

After talking to Carri we all attempted to fit in this neverending lift which went on every floor except the one we wanted, squashed with another 3 fashionable guys~
2 of which somehow ended up hanging out with us for the whole day. Kota Okuda (you may have seen his picture from LFW all over tumblr here and Taka his friend.

Styled by jasonhindley

After a short McD's break we headed off to see a bunch of other installations all under one roof. The Carlton gardens, it's right next to St.James Park and it absolutely stunning inside, so grand~

We were welcomed by packed lunches and wraps. ......
Me so happy



This collection was one of my favourites. The bold pastel blues and neon greens certainly makes a bold statement, but with the black detailing they're brought back to casual wear so it's much easier to pull off.
I need to get my hands on some of this collections.
 Men in lace, YES!!! (Plus it's in neon, bonus+)

Drawing inspiration from Mexican culture, in a clash between the classical Mexican technical cuts and the attitude of the west coast American Mexican Cholo movement.
Lipop has used vibrant, bold colours  Minimimal yett the seams, cutting techniques stand in contrast as complex, a lovely mix. 'Less is more aesthetic'/


'One fing'n'annuvva'
The models were meant to have a 'post rave' feel with sweaty looking skin, and 'DIY' hair. no idea why? But it

Amazing, just amazing. Seeing it in the pictures don't justify just how amazing these pieces were.
 #1 Fan as soon as i laid my eyes on these beauties.
With sponsorship from swarovski elements making a futuristic ad mythical headpiece.
Their signature style is something like a dark avant-garde, with a fantastical edge,  giving the collection a wholly British air of both nostalgia and rebellion, overall such exquisite artwork.
As much as i love the pieces, just to add the fairy dust on top, it;s all made in London. MA PEOPLE!

A group of 4 very fashionable Japanese men were roaming the floors leaving sparkles of awesomeness as they'd walk past us.
We encountered each other a few times and every time we did they'd smile (and stare in awe), or say "hi", they were lovely! I want them~
 If you don't know they work at an amazing brand called GR8 Tokyo, which makes shoes that the guy's rocking~

The lovely man with the stunning blue eyes who kindly let us in gave came out to give us seconds then thirds of these fancy 'POD' packed lunches.

We then skipped to this chinese restaurant behing China town for some DIM SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM. Best dim sum ever, prawn, duck, bbq'd, sweet chilly, fried, steamed, pancakes....and chicken feet?
Bad Man in duh ChinaTown

So, damn testeeeeh


Joels lovely weeaboo edit, appreciate the ice-cream!
I took a fair amount of pictures, however, my laptop's decided to retire and isn't allowing me to do anything that i desire. Time for an upgrade! 
~I'll update sometime with some other pictures~


  1. Awww I love your blog posts so much, TOO FUNNY. <3

    1. Yaaay, so happy to hear that!
      I thought it would've been boring since i wrote alot, Thank you Dodz <3

  2. I love the Astrid Anderson lace vests- DO WANT. Been trying to find a way to rock lace without looking gay LOL.

  3. You style is sooooo cool *-*