Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Late in Tate with Cassette Playa

Last Friday Emmie, Dodo, Marie, Ananya, Siqi went to Tate britain since we heard that one of our favourite designer Cassette Playa was holding a photobooth/gif maker.
I just found out about 'Late at Tate'. Apparantly, Tate Britain host cool events after closing hours on the first Friday of every month. This was my first time hearing about it and I'm sure i'll be going to many more in the future. There's a loevly atmosphere with live music playing, drinks for sale, and alot of people to mingle with. 
Being the derps we are we all went to the wrong Tate. For some of you that don't know there're 2 Tate gallerys: Tate Modern and Tate britain. We were meant to meet at 6pm. The only person to use their brain had to wait for the dumb dumbs for an hour. Sorry Siqi ;A; 
We arrived just in time to see the fashion show. So we followed them in~

Mmmm those abs
 They stopped every now and then at different parts of the museum. 

We escaped from the dementor-like models and the large crowds to go hunt down the photobooth. On our journey we bumped into quite a few people. Dodo saw a few of her school friends, i saw an ex-gymnastic classmate. And the amazing Carri <3
The lovely Joel. That was a big surprise since we all love his blog, him and all his amazing clothes. He came alone so we dragged him along with us ^^

We have reached our destination!

This was the Gif we made!
 If you'd like to see others check out  http://www.cassetteplaya.com/icanhaz/
As soon as we got out Carri floated in. We had a chat with her about the most randomest things. She pointed out Emmie's Kent accent. I didn't even realise, skills right there.

As we were walking out Carri wished me a happy birthday and all my friends reply "You too"..........could you get any derpier?

She actually sparkles and shines like that in real life!
Yay, Heron Preston <3
Carri tweeted this picture of us! I love it <3

As we were leaving there were DJ's playing some really good tunes. My body automatically started dancing, couldn't help myself. How could you not whine to Sean Paul? Although, the music being played was really good, hardly anyone was dancing, unless you count bopping in the same spot 'dancing'? Eventually, my friends dragged me away before they all exploded out of embarrassment and hunger.

~Spot my twerk team~

We wanted to see Akala perform but we all got hungry and bored waiting, plus, Joel had to catch the last train back home. I hope we can meet up with him again for another adventure together 8D

 Off the Victoria we go to stuff our faces in McDonalds!

I love you guys <3


  1. LLOLOL your twerk team is HOOTTTTT

  2. You're a jokerrr! I see all the gyal wining in that photo. I'm so jealous of you guys- you met Carri AGAIN! Glad you had fun! >< And loving that outfit. SWAG! Please tell em about some more brands that I can love haha!